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Short-term Technical Assistance for Mapping of Health Facility / Health Provider Codes.

Background and Rationale

The IMPACT project has been given an extension until April 2018 to implement jumpstart activities for PhilSTEP1 that will address the need for finding and successfully treating TB cases. The activities planned are innovative and high-impact strategies that is expected to push TB program performance of the selected 3 provinces significantly. These activities include intensified case finding in health facilities, engagement of private practitioners through direct Xpert referral, mandatory TB case notification for private physicians, and improving outcomes through choice architecture. IMPACT will also provide assistance to KMITS through NTP to ensure the quality of TB data generated by ITIS.


This Professional Service Contract (PSC) will work within the IMPACT Project Performance Monitoring and Evaluation Unit (PPMEU) framework that is aimed to monitor and assess effectiveness of interventions to improve TB performance in project areas.

The Consultant will work in close coordination with the PPMEU, KMITS-DOH and NTP-M&E to:

  1. Map and review all available systems and policies on the use of health facility / health provider codes within the Department of Health and in other government agencies;
  2. Discuss with PPMEU, NTP-M&E Unit and KMITS regarding the use of health facility / health provider codes for ITIS (Integrated TB Information System) of the DOH-NTP; and
  3. Develop and/or recommend health facility / health providers codes to be used in ITIS to ensure uniqueness of records

Duration of Work, Deliverables and Level of Effort

The assignment will span the period February - March 2018. The level of effort is estimated at 22 working days, broken down as follows:

Deliverables Content of Deliverables Level of Effort (working days) Indicative Due Date
1. Preliminary Report on the results of mapping and review of systems and policies regarding use of health facility and health providers codes within DOH and other government agencies
  • List of systems and copies of policies on health facility and health provider codes
  • Description of systems and policies on health facility and health provider codes reviewed including identification of strengths and weaknesses of the policy in relation to use of code for NTP
2. Final Report
  • Recommendations on health facility / health provider coding system to be used by NTP for ITIS.
  • Detailed description on recommended health facility / health provider coding system.
Total   22  

Minimum Qualification Requirements of Personnel

The consultant (STTA) for this engagement must have the following minimum qualifications to be selected for the task:

  1. With management information systems and/or health program monitoring and evaluation experience
  2. With good communication skills – both oral and written.
  3. Good track record in previous employment and consultancy projects.
  4. Proficient in basic computer applications (MS Word, Excel and PowerPoint).


The Consultant will be working with KMITS and NTP-M&E but overall supervision will be done by the PPEMU Team Leader. The PPMEU Team Leader in consultation with KMITS and NTP-M&E will review and recommend acceptance of and endorse to the Chief of Party above deliverables.

Schedule of Payments

Payments shall be released, as follows

Deliverables % Payments
Submission and acceptance of Deliverable No. 1 40 %
Submission and acceptance of Deliverable No. 2 60 %

Interested parties can send their CV to

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