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  • Mandatory Tuberculosis Notification is one of the identified strategies of the country in finding, notifying and treating 2.5 million Filipinos with tuberculosis (TB) by 2022. Stated in Section 12 of Republic Act 10767, all diagnosed TB cases both from public and private health providers and facilities shall be notified to Department of Health's National Tuberculosis Control Program. This video provides step-by-step procedures on how to notify TB cases diagnosed by private healthcare providers.

  • The Philippine Department of Health, with support from USAID, produced a new TV advertisement to encourage people who have had a cough for more than two weeks to get checked for tuberculosis and start treatment, if needed, to avoid spreading the disease.

  • In December 2014, this TV commercial for Tuberculosis -Directly Observed Treatment Short-Course (TB-DOTS), titled “Mitch Glee,” aired on Filipino television. It is the second advertisement in a series that fights the stigma against TB and encourages viewers to comply with TB-DOTS. In the ad, singer-comedienne Mitch Valdes is joined by people from a barangay (village), singing about TB being cured through TB-DOTS, and encouraging people to help end TB in the country.

  • Pagalingin ang Tuberculosis! Anim na buwang gamutan, tutok sa paginom (araw-araw), healthy lifestyle ipa-iral. Kung 2 linggo na ang ubo, magpakonsulta na sa doktor.