Philippine Standard Time
Thursday, October 17, 2019
6:53 pm

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  • The Philippine Department of Health, with support from USAID, produced a new TV advertisement to encourage people who have had a cough for more than two weeks to get checked for tuberculosis and start treatment, if needed, to avoid spreading the disease.

  • In December 2014, this TV commercial for Tuberculosis -Directly Observed Treatment Short-Course (TB-DOTS), titled “Mitch Glee,” aired on Filipino television. It is the second advertisement in a series that fights the stigma against TB and encourages viewers to comply with TB-DOTS. In the ad, singer-comedienne Mitch Valdes is joined by people from a barangay (village), singing about TB being cured through TB-DOTS, and encouraging people to help end TB in the country.

  • Pagalingin ang Tuberculosis! Anim na buwang gamutan, tutok sa paginom (araw-araw), healthy lifestyle ipa-iral. Kung 2 linggo na ang ubo, magpakonsulta na sa doktor.