TB News Clips

•   President Duterte signs the Occupational Safety and Health Standards Act (Republic Act 11058)

For the health aspects of the Act, the focus is on tuberculosis, hepatitis and HIV. Here is a nice DOLE-primer, although a little outdated:   http://bit.ly/2N7a8I1. DOLE is now in the process of writing the "implementing rules and regulations" for this Act. Engaging DOLE and the formal sector for health in the context of this new Act will help us to reach out to almost 26% of the general population who are in the formal sector.
  Here is Republic Act 11058, drafted in 2017 and signed in 2018

•   The Global Laboratory Initiative (GLI) announces the launch of the Specimen Referral Toolkit

This toolkit is for developing, strengthening and integrating specimen referral networks globally.
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•   WHO Bulletin: Patient-led active tuberculosis case-finding in the Democratic Republic of the Congo

Volunteers, mostly ex-TB patients, screened 650,000 people at the cost of US$0.29 per person screened and US$ 44 per person diagnosed. The intervention resulted in an additional 4,300 sputum-smear-positive pulmonary tuberculosis diagnoses, 42% (4,300/10,247) of the provincial total for that period.
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•   WHO publishes updated and consolidated guidelines on Latent TB Infection

This new guideline mentions that National TB Programs need to focus on TB contacts who are above five-year of age too, and not just under-five contacts and PLHIV. It recommends shorter regimens to treat Latent TB Infection, e.g., INH + Rifampicin daily for three months and INH + Rifapentine weekly for three months.
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•   Lancet: Chest radiography may be offered to people living with HIV who are on ART in addition to four-symptom screening

The systematic review suggests that the WHO’s four-symptom screening rule has lower sensitivity among people with HIV (PLHIV) who are on ART. Hence, chest radiography may be offered to PLHIV who are on ART to improve the sensitivity of the four-symptom screening rule, provided it does not pose a barrier to preventive treatment. The WHO guideline on Latent TB Infection (above) mentions this too.
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•   USAID/CTB publishes TB Stigma Measurement Guidance

This is a technical guide to help TB programs and partners measure levels of TB stigma in specific settings and populations.
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